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Usage of Concrete Hollow Block in Bangladesh

Ever since modern construction started in Bangladesh, people mostly relied on using traditional red bricks for construction. The reasons are obvious. Producing red bricks requires cheap labor. Its raw materials are readily available. However, with increased reports of global warming and environmental degradation already adversely affecting Bangladesh, experts are now considering alternatives. Since producing red bricks is very harmful for the environment, environmentally conscious developers and manufacturing industries have moved on to a far better choice – concrete hollow blocks. 


Our Story

Concrete hollow blocks are very popular in other countries for masonry, constructing boundaries, floodgates, and a wide range of other functions. Bangladesh was largely unfamiliar with it. In 2011, bti Building Products started manufacturing concrete hollow blocks from its factory in Dhamrai. It was an innovative move, since most developers were still using red bricks. We recognized the genius behind the production of concrete hollow blocks and its potential to change the construction scenario in our country forever. 


Why Choose Concrete Hollow Blocks

Concrete hollow blocks are machine-made, which means every edge will be seamless, smooth, with an overall perfect finishing. Since there is no physical labor or time-consuming manual work involved in production, it saves both time and costs. Red bricks require extreme high temperatures and conditions for manufacturing, but concrete hollow blocks can be easily made in normal conditions, which again saves time and costs, and also prevents them from harming the environment. Its raw materials are readily available and sustainable, which means you will not have to worry about raw materials supply. The production process requires much less water and cement compared to red bricks. Since concrete hollow blocks are cheaper and quicker to produce, your construction time is also reduced. These are great advantages, which encouraged many developers to use the blocks in their buildings. 


One red brick unit is equivalent to five units of concrete hollow blocks. This aspect also helps in ensuring faster, cost-effective construction. The mineral composition of red bricks can deteriorate with time, and water from the atmosphere can add to the damage.  Concrete hollow blocks are weather-resistant and soundproof, something that red bricks are not. Homes made with these blocks remain warm in the winters and cool during the summers as a result. With time, a building made of red bricks can lose its durability and strength, but a building made of concrete hollow blocks becomes stronger and tougher with time, making it more resistant in the wake of natural calamities. When weights are compared, you will realize concrete hollow blocks are way lighter than red bricks, making its use even more convenient.


A New Generation of Building Blocks

The concrete hollow block manufacturing industry is now worth a staggering 90 billion taka. The Government has declared that all buildings should be made of concrete hollow blocks, and by three years it will become mandatory for construction firms to use these blocks only. The move was made to ensure prevention of the environmental damage caused by red brick kilns. The demand is soaring to the point that now many kiln owners are moving to manufacture concrete hollow blocks instead of red bricks. A massive challenge is to familiarize non-urban people with hollow blocks, who are still not aware of the damage caused by traditional red bricks. Even if they understand the benefits of hollow blocks, they would try to buy from small companies who produce cheap hollow blocks, but of low-quality. To avoid such situations, it is always best to procure blocks from a reliable name. 

If you are an individual hoping to build your dream home, or a developer all set to embark on a new construction project, ask bti Building Products for concrete hollow blocks. We have been producing it since 2011 and have been leading the industry since then, with rigorous testing conducted by engineering experts and use of top-notch raw materials. Our high-quality concrete hollow blocks are sure to impress you!

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5 Reasons You Should Use Concrete Hollow Blocks

In a densely populated country like Bangladesh, it is crucial to keep pace with the ever-growing housing needs of every citizen. Consequently, the dependence on domestic construction materials is also on the rise and one of them is Concrete Hollow Blocks. As a result, the prices of building materials are soaring but the price of concrete hollow blocks in that sense is quite moderate. This superb building material brings about a myriad of benefits for construction which is why it is seemingly getting more popular day by day. Hollow blocks do not require any gas, burning coal, fertile soil, and do not emit carbon dioxide in any way. In short, it is completely an environmentally friendly building material. Not only that, this product offers various advantages, unlike the traditional red bricks. Let us explore more about its benefits.


Strength and Safety Like None Other

Concrete hollow blocks are widely used because of their unbeatable durability. The compressive strength depends on the composition of the blocks. They are made with high pressure and vibration which make them durable to last for decades. Moreover, their ability to withstand heavy loads and their lightweight nature reduce the overall weight of the building. The stable foundation and the ability to withstand heavy loads provide great safety from earthquake havoc and other natural disasters.

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Superior Quality

The housing sector is rapidly getting dependent on the hollow blocks because of their superb quality. They are made in automatic machines with cement, crushed stone, soil, stone dust, etc. Whereas terracotta bricks are made only with clay. As a result, the durability of terracotta bricks decreases day by day. They are also fragile and susceptible to damage. On the other hand, the stability of the hollow blocks does not deteriorate over time. Consequently, hollow blocks when used in walls do not get weakened or stained easily.

Cost-effective Construction

The biggest aspect of using hollow blocks is that the construction cost is comparatively less than the traditional red brick. Cement-sand is less required in the masonry of concrete block walls. Additionally, it reduces the weight of the building and the construction also takes less time than usual. One block is capable of replacing 5 red bricks which ultimately reduces the construction cost. Being made of concrete makes it even stronger and increases the durability of construction with the passage of time. Hollow blocks come in uniform sizes and the consistent finish makes them easy to install and speeds up construction. Another positive aspect is that walls made of blocks can be finished with paint which reduces the overall cost of interior decoration.


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Adaptable to Any Weather

The hollow blocks are not only durable but also adaptable to any kind of weather change. They are highly capable of withstanding any form of weather be it sunny or stormy. The houses built with hollow blocks remain cold in summer and hot during winter. Concrete Hollow Blocks from bti building products are made with high-quality raw materials such as fine sand, Sylhet sand, pea gravel, coarse, etc. These materials make the blocks remain unaffected by natural disasters. So undoubtedly, hollow blocks are an ideal choice for ensuring a solid foundation for any construction. Another important factor of hollow blocks is that their hollow nature prevents sound and heat thus making your walls soundproof and damp proof. In contrast, walls made with red bricks get easily moistened and damaged especially during monsoons.

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Unlike the traditional red bricks, hollow blocks do not need to be burnt; they are made by automatic machines which means they cause no harm to the environment. On the other hand, fertile soil is needed to make red bricks. As a result, agricultural land is being used in all the traditional and modern fuel-saving brick kilns, and automatic brick factories in Bangladesh. Furthermore, wood is being used as fuel in almost all traditional brick kilns. Imported coal, even gas, is being used as fuel. Thus, the use of fertile soil is wasting agricultural land which is why using agricultural land for brick production is now banned in China and India. However, according to a study by the House Building Research Institute (HBRI), “The cost of building construction could be brought down by 25 percent with the use of eco-friendly materials like hollow blocks, instead of traditional bricks.” The government has already announced to completely ban the use of traditional red bricks from 2025 to save the environment. So, from now on, it is better if we adopt to use hollow blocks for any construction project.



It is crystal clear that the benefits of hollow blocks are numerous which is why their popularity is also increasing very rapidly. However, in terms of low-cost construction, high-quality finish, earthquake resistance, and most importantly ensuring a safe and solid foundation for your family, there is no alternative to using concrete hollow blocks. So, if you are worried about your upcoming construction then concrete hollow blocks from bti building products will undoubtedly be an ideal option for you.

History of Concrete Hollow Blocks
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Our Impact in the History of Hollow Blocks

The typical scenario in Bangladesh for decades has been the use of traditional red bricks during construction. Normally one would believe that they have been around for a very long time, but the truth is concrete hollow blocks have also been used since ancient times. In fact, concrete mortar was first used by the Romans around 200 B.C to bind already shaped stones into buildings. Since then, concrete hollow blocks have come a long way. The blocks also made its way in Bangladesh, and bti Building Products was a pioneer to bring them to the forefront of building materials since 2010.


How it Started


The Romans were famous for using concrete mortar. In Naples there were formations created using small precast blocks. Much of that technology was lost after the fall of the Roman Empire. It was only in 1890 that the revolution started, when Harmon S. Palmer of the United States patented the hollow concrete block that he designed himself. His block was so heavy it had to be lifted around with a crane, but nevertheless, it became incredibly popular. Soon, as many as 1500 companies started using concrete hollow blocks for construction. The first home made entirely of concrete hollow blocks was built in 1837 in Staten Island, New York. The reason there was a sudden boom in its use was because the materials required to create it were available in abundance. The raw materials are easily available even now. Back then all blocks were made by hand. On an average, a person could create 10 blocks per hour. 


How it is Made


A concrete hollow block is precast, meaning it is already shaped into a block and hardened before use in construction. The sides of the block may be seamless and smooth or etched with design. The block can have one or two hollow cavities within, and can be stacked atop each other with mortar. This way you can build the wall according to the desired length and height. Although it was previously made by hand, it is now made with highly efficient machines that can produce 2000 blocks per hour. All our concrete hollow blocks are precast in our Dhamrai factory, and then used in our construction. Raw materials include use of cement, water, sand, and gravel in different ratios, but further components can also be added. For example, cinder blocks are made by also adding volcanic cinder or granulated coal into the mixture. Lightweight blocks are made by adding clay, shale, or slate instead of sand. This means concrete hollow blocks can be easily modified and serve different purposes based on their different properties. Each type of block would have a certain set of properties. 


Various chemicals may also be used to alter the properties, such as modifying curing time and compressive strength. Pigments can be added for color and glaze can be added for decorative effects.


Why Use Our Concrete Hollow Blocks


bti Building Products uses lightweight hollow concrete blocks for construction purposes. It is not only a more eco-friendly approach to construction, but it also reduces time and costs. On top of that, even the government has amped up the use of concrete hollow blocks. They are also set to become mandatory in construction by 2025! Since we have led the real estate industry for decades, it only made sense to mass produce concrete hollow blocks for everyone who wants to reap its benefits. Our blocks are designed in such a way that it provides a great level of advantages. Our blocks can form lightweight buildings, which means less prone to earthquakes, are incredibly resistant to water degradation and weather issues. These blocks are vermin proof and fire proof as well, and salinity proof too. Traditional red bricks lack these properties, which is why our concrete hollow blocks are also used to create garages, factories, warehouses, offices, etc. Their adaptability and flexibility to modification allows their use in landscaping and interior design for a more urban, modernistic look in a building. 


When manufacturing, we at bti Building Products always take into consideration the client’s requirements. So any additives to be added and any modifications are done with proper consultation. Concrete hollow blocks used for landscaping and interior designs are obviously slightly different in terms of properties than those used to make residences. We can provide all sorts of customization or changes. If you do not want hollow blocks, we also manufacture concrete solid bricks. Both concrete hollow blocks and solid bricks are quality controlled by experts in the field of construction. 


Now that you know the great history of concrete hollow blocks, are you interested in building something with it? If so, it is an excellent choice. They form structures that are energy efficient and durable against all odds. You will not be disappointed with our concrete hollow blocks. Call 16604 or Whatsapp: +8801313401405 for any inquiries. 


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5 Unique Ways to Use Concrete Hollow Blocks

Concrete hollow blocks are largely known to be the most eco-friendly solution when it comes to construction. Minimal costs, lower usage of building materials, and less pollution are some of the advantages attributed to construction using concrete hollow blocks. However, these magic blocks are not just great for construction, but also for adding some spark to your home environment. These blocks are useful in too many ways, so we have found a few creative methods that you can easily apply while building or renovating your home!


For The Love of Plants

Are you someone who wants to stay connected to nature? Looking for your own green corner? Concrete hollow blocks can easily serve your gardening skills. They can be loyal plant carriers by safely containing soil and other nutrients for your seedlings to grow into full-blown plants. The best part is that you can build the blocks into any structure. Whether it is a tower or a pyramid full of blocks, you can get creative and plant anything accordingly. You can also define the amount of space that your mini garden will take over in the room or terrace. Succulents and vegetables and even flowering plants can be grown with hollow block planters.


Smart Repurposing

You can join the trend of upcycling items in your home with the twist of concrete hollow blocks. Whether it is extra seating or a DIY side table, you can easily use these blocks to create these furniture at a shockingly low price. Such furniture would ideally look great in terraces and balconies, but they can also be used in bedrooms to give a more rustic feel. Just stack a few blocks together and then add a hard plank of wood on top, sprinkle some pillows and cover with a brightly colored cloth and you have a neat little seating arrangement. A nightstand or a side table would be made the same way but would require less number of blocks minus the pillows. Maybe add a little lamp, and a few books?


DIY Outdoor Bar

Visiting night clubs or parties through the traffic is painful nowadays, and with the pandemic going on it also feels a little restricting to have some fun while social distancing rules are still applicable. Instead, why not create your own mini bar with concrete hollow blocks stacked on top of another? You can paint the blocks with multiple colors that suit your interiors and then place a console table on top to complete the look. Then use the hollow part of each block to place drinks and some decorative pieces.


Concrete Risers

Instead of store-bought risers for your furniture, simply use concrete hollow blocks of the same height underneath each piece of furniture. The best part is that you can use these hollow block risers to stash secret items and even shoes to save space. The blocks will also help add a rustic touch to your interiors.

Did this blog help? There are plenty of other ways to explore the versatility of concrete hollow blocks. Their durability and strength means that you can build absolutely anything with them. Take your creativity to the next mode with these amazing DIY hacks with concrete hollow blocks.

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The Science Behind Concrete Hollow Blocks

The 6.1 magnitude November earthquake in Bangladesh that jolted citizens in Dhaka and Chattogram awake in the wee morning hours has got everyone panicking recently. Reports of buildings tilting were observed, and experts have predicted that at any given moment an earthquake of a bigger scale can shake the country. In fact, a study by CUET noted that 78% of buildings in Chattogram are at risk if that happens. So the question remains – as responsible citizens in an unplanned urban scenario, have we ensured solid construction for our own safety? Apart from having excellent construction quality and skills, it is also important to use high-quality raw materials, one of which is our hollow concrete blocks. 


Eco-friendly Much?

Concrete blocks are manufactured differently and also involve different raw materials. They involve a mixture of cement, sand, and aggregate typically using limestone, all combined with water. Red bricks are made from clay, aggregate, and water in certain compositions. While clay bricks are cured by the vitrification process in temperatures exceeding 2000°C, concrete blocks are cured by a chemical reaction between cement and water that requires a temperature around 150°C, which is a lot more environmentally-friendly and cost-effective in terms of maintenance. Concrete blocks also consist of fly ash, a byproduct of many manufacturing processes, thus effectively helping to recycle industrial waste. The manufacture of red bricks on the other hand leave a significant carbon footprint and harmful impact on the environment.

Since it saves construction time and requires less water and mortar, we can say that concrete hollow blocks are flag bearers of environmental consciousness in terms of reducing, recycling and reusing materials in an efficient manner.


How Are Its Properties Different Than Red Bricks?

These blocks have many desirable properties. After manufacturing it loses moisture and shrinks in size, becoming more waterproof, while red bricks expand in size over time with absorption of moisture. Thus, it can withstand humid or rainy weather easily. In a country like Bangladesh where rainfall is common, these blocks have become a popular choice in construction for this reason. 

Concrete blocks are lightweight but tougher due to higher compressive strength. The most amazing part is that concrete blocks gain strength over time unlike red bricks. This means any building made of concrete hollow blocks will have significant earthquake and weather resistance, which is especially good news for those intending to construct high-rises or buildings that may be more prone to external pressure. 

The simplistic design allows uniformity and ease when applied during construction. So if you are constructing using hollow blocks, chances are that you will be able to finish the work faster or right on time. The hollowness creates lower density, which  allows better heat management with change of seasons and cancels out noise. 

Bti’s concrete blocks are manufactured with the intention to build safe and strong foundations that will last a lifetime. At a reasonable price your property will be ensured durability and incredible toughness. Whether you are a developer or someone willing to construct your own property yourself, you will not have to look any further when you opt for high-quality building products backed by the excellence of bti. If you do not prefer hollow blocks, we have concrete solid bricks in store as well. You can get more details simply by giving us a call.

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Interior Design

Let Pavement Tiles Glam Up Your Interiors

Although the concept is quite unfamiliar in Bangladesh, in other countries pavement tiles are widely used to create amazing interior concepts that provide a unique, modern, and outdoorsy look to your home. If you are looking to give your interiors a fresh new look, our pavement tiles can be worth every penny. The texture, color, and shape add structure to any interior installation you desire, making your space appear chic! Here are some fantastic ideas for you.


Low-Maintenance Seating Arrangement

Yes, with pavement tiles you can easily create unique seating arrangements, especially on your rooftop, balcony, and terrace. If you have a swimming pool, it would be better to use paving around it because wooden decks require more maintenance. In fact, paving with these tiles creates a durable and hard wearing structure but also increases style! Around the swimming pool or rooftop you can create walkways for a healthy stroll in your daily routine.


Great For Landscaping

A home is incomplete without landscaping and greenery and we know it. That is why we suggest that you use pavement tiles as flooring for your garden or terrace. Choose a color that matches the interior of your home but also goes with the plants. A warmer color would be better-suited in this case. A perfect option for minimalists who want as much space as possible, pair the flooring with simplistic furniture and unique accent pieces that may have bold color palettes. Have fun experimenting! You can also use pavement tiles to create structures that can hold the soil for plants to grow and bask under the sun. 


Monochrome Vibes

When you have too much color going on around your home, toning it down is a wise decision. You can easily do that by installing pavement tiles within your home but choosing only one color. Maybe, an entire wall or part of a wall can be covered with the same-colored pavement tiles. That wall can be covered with your personal decorations or bare if you prefer. The stark contrast with the white of the surrounding walls would certainly upgrade the aesthetics.


Complementary Colors

This idea is for those whose interiors are too bland. Use pavement tiles on your floor with two different colors. It would look great in your kitchen or terrace, but remember to use the colors carefully. Create an outer border with one color and use the other colored-tiles to fill in. Although this is a very simple way of paving the floor, it would look beautiful. Patterns are also a fun way to dress your floor. Choose similarly patterned tiles on the floor and create a border, then choose a different patterned tile to fill the shape in.


Stacking Pavement Tiles

By stacking pavement tiles on top of another you could explore your artistic intentions in various ways. Create various shapes with stacked tiles if you have enough space in your home. If you want to raise the level of a particular floor in a room, then stacking is not a good idea. It is doable with new pavement tiles only, but new pavement tiles stacked on top of older pavement tiles can make the structure wobbly and uneven looking. The colors may not match or the patterns may not fall in place either. 
Pavement tiles can also be used to spice up your parking lots, driveways, footpaths, approach ramps, etc. If you are looking for customizable options, let us know! Our expertise in high quality construction and innovation will help create marvelous structures for you.

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Pavement Tiles and Unipavers: Add Elegance to Your Tracks

When you walk on footpath or pavement in Dhaka, you may notice the changes they have
gone through in the last decade. The same changes you may also observe in walkways or
walking tracks, rooftop garden, sidewalk, driveway, parking lot and many other places of
modern residential, commercial and industrial areas. Instead of traditional red clay bricks you
find some kinds of strong engraved tiles or block-type substances there. Such tiles and blocks
are manufactured by bti Building Products, and they are called Pavement Tiles and
Unipavers. These building products are now widely used because of their various
applications and utilities. You can certainly feel elegance while stepping on the tracks made
of them. In the following sections you will get some ideas on Pavement Tiles and Unipavers
manufactured by bti Building Products.

Pavement Tiles:
The earthly and natural tone of pavement tiles adds elegance to your tracks. So, the uses of
pavement tiles for splendid walkways and other applications are getting huge appreciation.
Some applications of Pavement Tiles:

Walkway, Sidewalk:
In creating beautiful walkways inside or around your home and on the rooftop, pavement tiles
are matchless. Pavement tiles are replacing red bricks in making sidewalks along the streets
in cities and towns.

Driveway and Parking Lot:
You can make a durable and better driveway using pavement tiles. Parking lot or car park
needs proper grip to hold car-wheels. Pavement tiles are designed so and are being used
widely to make parking lot. Pavement tiles are easily installable, and the parking lot made of
them can easily be maintained.

You obviously like to make your roof garden good looking and natural from all aspects. You
can use pavement tiles in the creation of a beautiful rooftop garden. Pavement tiles are
aesthetically excellent. So they will make your rooftop garden and outdoor spaces look fresh
even during the monsoon. As pavement tiles’ surface is non-skid, they are safe for walking
and cycling even when they are wet.

Pool Deck or Pool Patio:
Pool deck or pool patio is the immediate area around your pool, where you place lounge
chairs, tables and other backyard furniture. You can create the look of your entire swimming
area by using pavement tiles in this pool deck.

Industrial Yard:
You can use pavement tiles in industrious yards, because having the size of 12x12x1 inch,
these tiles are strong and highly durable. You can even customize them according to your
required PSI (strength) as you place an order to purchase form bti Building Products, so that

our pavement tiles can withstand high load. Therefore, using pavement tiles in industrial
yards will ensure smooth conveyance by vehicles without the tiles having to crack.

Pavement tiles are used for promenade which is usually a public place, i.e. a wide path for
walking next to the sea.

Aesthetic and Functional Appeal:
Pavement tiles, manufactured by bti Building Products, can be found in varieties of styles and
colours. They are versatile in design and used for attractive floor finish. So they are
aesthetically appealing. Pavement tiles are homogeneous in shape, and so they are easy to
install in both residential and commercial spaces. They can be used in any weather
conditions. Pavement tiles make your way smooth and  safe. Another advantage of pavement
tiles is that they can be replaced easily if needed. So, not only from an aesthetic perspective,
but also from a functional point of view, pavement tiles are very effective.

Unipaver is a popular pavement surfacing block and also a flooring material. It is used for
various purposes.

Some Applications of Unipavers:
Unipavers are used for residential and commercial premises, and for various exterior
pavement applications. They are widely used in footpaths, walkways, garden landscaping,
pavements, driveways, factory yards, etc.
Besides having aesthetic and functional appeals, unipavers have various benefits.

Some Utility of Unipavers:
High-Strength and Durability:
Unipavers are made of cement, coarse sand, fine sand, pea gravel and stone dust through
modern machinery and state-of-the-art technology in bti Building Products’ factory in
Dhamari. So, unipavers are extremely durable, environment-friendly and cost-effective. They
can even sustain the load of hefty vehicles and can last for many years due to high strength
and durability.

Aesthetic Appeal:
Unipavers are comfortable to work on. They come in a variety of colours- red, yellow, blue,
gray and black. So they are aesthetically very pleasing.

Functional Appeal:
Functionally, unipavers are very beneficial. They can be used in any weather conditions.
Unipavers are slip-resistant and skid-resistant. So, for exterior pavement and driveways these
unipavers are truly a good solution during the rainy season.

Easy Installation and Maintenance:
Unipavers are accurate in dimensions and convenient for usage. Their interlocking pattern
makes them easy to install without any modern machinery and saves them from cracks.

Simply washing with water can keep them clean and glossy; so their maintenance is easy. As
unipavers do not need polishing or painting for maintenance, they can be the appropriate
solution to creating low maintenance pathways. Even these unipavers can easily be replaced
when necessary.

You can choose unipavers from a range of sizes. You can also customize unipaver to meet
your preferences while placing order to purchase from bti Building Products.

Pavement Tiles and Unipavers have changed the look of our floors and pavements around the
city. Having a lot of utility and various applications in residential, commercial and industrial
projects, our pavement tiles and unipavers have gained much popularity within prospective
customers and developers. More than that, people prefer them to add elegance to their
walking tracks.

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Why Use Concrete Bricks and Concrete Hollow Blocks

We offer many benefits of using the Concrete Bricks and Concrete Hollow Blocks manufactured by bti Building Products. These benefits have caught the attention of both individual and real estate developers in Bangladesh.  Read the following sections to know why our Concrete Bricks and Concrete Hollow Blocks are so useful to our valued customers.

What Speciality We Offer:

Both Concrete Bricks and Concrete Hollow Blocks, manufactured by bti Building Products, are machine-made, environment friendly and consistent in finish. They are natural heat absorbent and so are excellent for making your rooftop. Being salinity resistant and damp proof, they are highly durable and unaffected by weather conditions. Concrete Hollow Blocks also make your walls soundproof. You can get customized Concrete Hollow Blocks and Concrete Bricks as per your need from bti Building Products.

Unaffected by Weather Change:

Other building materials like red clay bricks get moistened and damaged, and so they cannot sustain the effect of weather change. But Concrete Bricks and Concrete Hollow Blocks are made of durable materials- stone dust, stone chips, pea gravel, local sand, Sylhet sand, fine sand, coarse sand and cement. Being made of concrete, our products do not get damped or damaged by weather changes. So even in the havocs like fire, storm and earthquake, these products are less likely to suffer damage. Your walls made of our concrete products will not rot or warp. So making your walls with our products help you retain your home decoration and interior design.

Longevity and Easy Maintenance:

Walls made of our concrete building products cannot be weakened, tarnished or made fragile by termites or mold growth. But walls made by red clay bricks are fragile and susceptible to such damages. So if you want to build a long-lasting building and ensure easy maintenance, you will obviously opt for Concrete Bricks and Concrete Hollow Bricks.

Prevention of Harmful Effects:

Concrete Hollow Block has insulation properties that make walls sound, heat and moisture proof. Your masonry can itself function as insulation if it is built with this building product. Concrete Hollow Blocks are lightweight and earthquake resistant, and so they can be very effective for your safe construction in earthquake prone areas.

State-of-the-art Technology in Production:

Our bti Building Products’ factory in Joypura, Dhamrai, manufactures Concrete Bricks and Concrete Hollow Blocks through machine-automation using state-of-the-art technology. For ensuring high strength, we use stone dust, stone chips, pea gravel, local sand, Sylhet sand, fine sand, coarse sand and cement in the production of them. All building products go through the BUET-approved tests- Compressive Strength Test, Water Absorption Test and Salinity Test- in several stages of quality maintenance before curing and finally going to the market. So, you can stay assured of the quality of our products as you are buying from us to have a better construction experience.

Cost-effective in Usage:

While being used, Concrete Hollow Blocks need less plastering material than that of red bricks. The construction process is quick with these blocks, because they require less cement mortar, and little plastering. Therefore our products are very cost-effective in their usage.

Easy to Install:

Being machine-made, our blocks are consistent in finish, and uniform is size and shape. So these blocks are easy to install in your residential and commercial spaces. In making partition walls and load bearing structures such blocks are very effective. The high stress bearing capacity of these blocks has made them functionally more effective than traditional red bricks.

Reducing Wastage and Unnecessary Costs:

In the making of traditional red clay bricks in kilns, topsoil of arable fields and farms are being reduced on a large scale. In the burning of clay to make red bricks, huge amounts of coal and wood are wasted. Concrete Bricks and Concrete Hollow Blocks, manufactured by bti Building Products, are machine-made and recyclable. So the production process reduces environment-pollution, wastage and manufacturing costs. Consequently our building products become cost-effective for our customers as well.

Construction needs strength and high durability. With this in mind, we use highly durable and recyclable ingredients in making Concrete Bricks and Concrete Hollow Blocks through machine-automation in our bti Building Products’ factory in Dhamrai. Both aesthetically and functionally these bricks and blocks are very appealing and effective. Our blocks are environment friendly, strong in composition, earthquake resistant, and heat, sound and salinity proof. They also reduce building weight. The applications of them in internal partition walls, external boundary walls, rooftops, and for architectural decoration purposes have gained popularity. Concrete Bricks and Concrete Hollow Blocks have already been successfully used in bti projects. Individual and real estate developers are now showing interest in buying our Concrete Hollow Blocks and Concrete Bricks, as we offer many benefits to make construction safe and long lasting.

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Future of Construction Lies in bti Building Products

To eradicate pollution for the sake of public health and environment, eco-friendly building
materials are imperative. bti came forward with the initiative to care for the environment by
establishing the world-class bti Building Products factory in Dhamrai. The state-of-the-art
technology and supporting architecture of this factory are used to manufacture eco-friendly
building products, namely Concrete Hollow Block, Concrete Brick, Pavement Tile and
Unipaver. Landowners, developers and clients can ensure the highest quality of construction of
their residential and commercial projects with these building products. In this blog, you will find
out the innovative approach used by the factory to create quality building products.

The Quality We Maintain
The production processes of Concrete Hollow Blocks, Concrete Bricks, Pavement Tiles, and
Unipavers are all environment-friendly, and they incorporate recycling as an essential step. The
factory is spread across 5 ½ bigha land. Various respected dignitaries, including the Bangladesh
Army visited our factory to see how we maintain high quality throughout the manufacturing
process. Our quality control lab ensures that every piece produced is perfect for usage. After
production our blocks and bricks go through the following BUET-approved tests- Compressive
Strength Test, Water Absorption Test and Salinity Test. Only after passing these tests
successfully, our building products get approval to be sold in the market.

The Building Materials We Use
Concrete Hollow Blocks and Concrete Bricks are made of stone chips, coarse sand, fine sand,
local sand, stone dust, pea gravel, and cement. Our Pavement Tiles and Unipavers are also made
of such materials. Being made of these substances, our building products are highly durable,
tough, and can withstand immense load. Our building products are salinity and heat-resistant
and prevent dampening. Combined with earthquake-resistant technology, they create formidable
building structures that can stand the test of time.

Modern Machinery and System We Use
In our factory eco-friendly products are made through machine-automation without any
environmental pollution. We have feeding unit, mixing unit, hopper, cement silo, conveyor belt,
palette store, hydraulic press unit, and block stacking yard in our Dhamrai factory. The full
processing system is monitored by our experts. As our products are machine made, they are
consistent in finish, accurate in size and weight, and easy for installation in your residential and
commercial projects. Besides these benefits, you are also getting an extra advantage of
customizing the products after your choice if you buy from us.

Assistance and After-Sell Service
Construction work with our building products requires you to undertake processes such as
chipping, grouting, mortar laying, block work, pie chip casting, wire mesh setting, painting, etc.
Arranging technicians, workers and labourers for the whole procedure needs experts and trained
people. bti Building Products not only manufactures and sells products but also offers both
technical support and training to the customers. We send our expert architects and workers to
support and train your workers in using our modern eco-friendly products. Therefore, you can
avail construction products, assistance and services from bti Building Products without any
further difficulty in arranging for your construction.

Red clay bricks and such other traditional building materials have proved to be fragile,
inconsistent in finish and not highly durable. As a result, buildings made of them are prone to
earthquakes and weariness over time. In such a context, out of social responsibility and
willingness to contribute to the construction sector, bti established bti Building Products. Since
its inception, our factory in Dhamrai has been manufacturing eco-friendly high-quality
construction materials for providing you the best building products and related services for your
residential and commercial projects. We have been successfully manufacturing our products
since 2014 with an aim to reduce our carbon footprint, in line with the recent Government rules
of making concrete hollow bricks and blocks mandatory by 2025. We do believe the future of
construction in Bangladesh lies with bti Building Products in this regard.

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Growing Interest in bti Building Products

bti has been a pioneer in the real estate development of Bangladesh. Besides that, to contribute to the construction sector of our country and to ensure a greener environment, bti established bti Building Products which manufactures eco-friendly Concrete Hollow Blocks, Concrete Bricks, Pavement Tiles and Unipavers. As our government has taken initiative to make such environment-friendly building materials mandatory by 2025, developers are now showing more interest in our products.


Why Developers Say Our Products Are of High Quality:

Exceptional Quality of Concrete Block and Concrete Brick

Our products are superior in quality with multiple benefits. Being hollow inside, Concrete Hollow Block does not only make a building earthquake-resistant, but also soundproof. It is a natural heat absorbent and ensures heat protection, so it can be the right choice for creating your rooftop. It is salinity and damp-proof, and so remains unaffected by weather conditions. Being machine-made, Concrete Block is consistent in finish, and so easy to install somewhere. It can withstand high strengths as it is made of cement, coarse sand, fine sand, pea gravel and stone dust. Being cost-effective, highly durable and aesthetically appealing, this block is used for architectural decoration purposes, internal partition walls, external boundary walls and rooftop.

Concrete Brick also has most of the qualities of Concrete Hollow Block except the hollowness, but it also has versatile applications. This brick is the same in size and cost as traditional red clay brick, but is highly durable in comparison.


Outstanding Quality of Pavement Tile and Unipaver

Being strong (high PSI) and highly durable, our Pavement Tile can withstand huge loads, and so it can be used for making entryway, walkway, driveway, parking lot, sidewalk, basement and rooftop of both residential and commercial projects. This tile is also excellent for making industrial yards. Depending on your usage purpose you can also customize the PSI (strength) of the Pavement Tiles. We have four colours of Pavement Tiles which are homogeneous in shape for easy installation and maintenance. The natural earthy tone of the tiles can make your home walkways appear more classy. For attractive floor finish and adding elegance to your tracks, Pavement Tiles can be very effective.

The high strength and durability of Unipaver made it popular as a flooring material which is used in footpaths, walkways, pavements, driveways, factory yards and garden landscaping. You can choose out of these five colours- Red, Yellow, Blue, Royal Blue and Grey. It also comes in a range of sizes. Being machine-made, our Unipaver is environment-friendly, cost-effective, accurate in dimensions and convenient for usage.


We Provide Earthquake Resistant Building Products:

Real Estate Developers are showing increased interest in Concrete Hollow Blocks manufactured by bti Building Products. Buildings made of our blocks are earthquake resistant as they are tested by research. The hollowness of these blocks makes them lighter in weight than the traditional red clay bricks, and so the overall load of the walls and buildings made of Concrete Hollow Blocks is reduced to a large extent.


Why Developers Want to Buy from bti Building Products:

bti has a reputation for around four decades for high quality of construction. The exquisite quality of our building products has earned high regard from developers and customers from all walks of life.  They expressed satisfaction using our building products and availing our unbeatable services for construction. Besides being committed to maintaining the quality of our products and services, bti Building Products also strictly maintains government rules in manufacturing eco-friendly construction materials. It is no surprise that developers are showing increased interest in the products and services of bti Building Products.

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